Not everyone has the time to visit a gym everyday to work out. This is indeed very time -consuming. But it is possible to gain muscles without using the weights that are kept in the gym. Using the body’s own weight to do exercises is the best way to work out at home. We tell more about these fast muscle-building exercises. Read on to more of fitness tips.Exercises that should be practiced to gain muscles:

Exercises that trigger muscle gain are cardiovascular exercises; pull ups, push ups, stretches, crunches and curls. These are not risky as they do not involve weights that might cause injuries to the body.

Push up exercise: This is the best muscle building exercise and concentrates on the chest, shoulders and the arms. Lie down on the floor upside down with your toes together. Now, slowly lift your body and raise it on the hand’s weight. Again, come down slowly without touching the floor. This is considered to be one repetition of the exercise. In case, it is difficult for you to manage your entire body weight on your palms, cross both the knees and then rise upwards. Once you start gaining strength, do the normal push ups.

Pull ups: Pull up is a great exercise to strength the back muscles and also the arms. All you need to do is to hang from a bar, rest yourself for a second or so and slowly pull yourself upwards to a height where the chest raises above the bar you are hanging from. Repeat at least 10 times.

Lunges: This is an exercise for the muscles of the thighs and the legs. In the upright position, keep your right leg in front of you and your hands behind the neck or the head. Slowly go down till the right thigh is parallel to the floor and the left knee hasn’t touched the floor yet. About 10 repetitions in each leg will help in building thigh and leg muscles.

Practice these weight building exercises at home using your own body weight. These are just as effective as that of the high tech machinery of a gym. Try these and feel the difference!

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