Love handle is the particular area above the hip. It is the term which is deeply associated with the fat around abdominal area of the body. There are millions of people who are suffering from obesity. They have to face many kinds of problems in their daily lives. Love handle is actually the fatty area that hangs from the waistline. The people of every age group are suffering from the problem of loose skin or fat around abdominal area. This problem has become very common nowadays in the entire world.

It can create negative effects on your entire looks.  Right now everyone wants a good and attractive body with a small waist size. You can easily achieve an eye-catching looks if your body is free from extra fats. Any kind of dress will suit with your body if no fats are there in the area of waist and hips. You can find millions of people who are eager to get rid of hips and love handles. They can fulfill this desire by taking some effective steps consciously. Anyone can be able to loss extra fats from the area of hips and waste within a short period of time after taking these effective steps.

Ways To Get Rid Of Hips & Love Handles

Do Proper Exercise

One of the most effective ways to get rid of hips and love handle is to do proper exercises. There are some predefined exercise which can easily reduce the body fats from the area of waste and other body parts. According to the experts, nothing can be best alternative of exercise. Nowadays everyone is busy with their daily work pressure. But if you are really eager to loss the extra fats, you have to take some time to do various exercises in a sequence. Twist crunches is the name of an exercise which is proven as the most effective to reduce body fats.

Twist crunches

First of all, you have to place on the surface to do this exercise. Then set arms behind your head. The knees must be bent to the parallel elbow and hold for six seconds continuously. After taking rest for sometime go for repeating the same with another leg. Ten rounds should be done with each leg. Standing twist crunches is the other form of exercise. To do this exercise, you have to stand straight on the surface at first and then arms should be raised out of the side of your body. Now bend your elbows and tightly close the hands. Repeat this exercise for at least ten times.

Some Easy And Effective Exercises

Sit-up is the traditional exercise which can reduce body fats effectively. The body fats from abdominal region and hip can be reduced by doing this exercise regularly. Make it sure that you are doing this exercise in proper way as it is very important. Aerobics is considered as one of the best ways to get rid of hips and love handle. Aerobics include dancing, swimming, cycling, and running. This the right way of tightening, toning and shaping the body’s physical personality.


The extra body fats can be burnt properly by doing aerobics. You can also go for doing weight lifting as it is another exercise that can help to burn body fats. It is recommended to take the help of good fitness trainer so that you can be able to do all the exercises in proper ways. You will not get any effective result if exercises are done in wrong ways.

Change Your Eating Habit

One of the other effective solutions to reduce fats from waist and hip is to take balanced diet. Most of the times, people eat junk foods and ignore to take healthy foods. This is one of the main reasons for increasing body fats. The formation of love handle is the result of disposition of extra body fats around the area of hip and waste.

Junk Food

Exercise is not enough to make you able to reduce the fats quickly. Side by side, balanced diet will help to burn extra fats from the entire body parts. You will not get any result even after doing proper exercises regularly if you do not avoid taking junk foods excessively. First of all, you need to be conscious about your food habit. Try to eat food supplements such as meat, bread etc. The hunger can be kept away for a long period of time if these foods are consumed.

Fresh Juices

It is always advised to lower down the intake of calories. The extra body fats can be reduced if you intake lower amount of calories. Make a healthy diet chart with the help of a good doctor. Do not forget to maintain this chart strictly in daily basis. Eat plenty fresh fruits and vegetables as these foods will create positive effects in your body. Avoiding the junk foods and taking healthy is an effective way to maintain a healthy life by reducing body fats.

Increase The Metabolic Rate

Slowing of metabolic rate is one of the reasons for increasing body fats. To combat against extra body fats, you should take proper steps so that metabolic rate can be increased. You need to change your eating habit to increase the metabolic rate in a short period of time. Do not eat foods in heavy amount. Eating meals frequently can really help your body to increase metabolic rate. Do not cut any meals as it can slow the metabolism. Toxin is the other thing that can slow metabolism in your body.


Toxins are present in the beverages and foods that you take regularly. Normally toxins are flushed out daily from the body via urine and sweat. But nowadays the level of toxins is increasing in the human body and slows the metabolism because of many reasons. These toxins can create many kinds of serious heath problems also. You can easily get rid of toxins by taking some easy steps. First of all you need to take plenty of water in a day so that toxins can be flushed out properly from body. Always drink pure water so that no toxin can exist in your body to increase metabolic rate. You can really be able to get rid of hips and love handles by taking all the above effective steps.

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