There are several natural home remedies for spider veins using various herbs, natural vitamin creams, omega-3, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin K.

Spider veins are the red or blue blood vessels that are visible on the surface of the skin. They can appear on any part of the body including the face but especially on the calves, thighs and ankles. Unlike varicose veins that look like twisted cords and bulge above the skin, spider veins appear like spider webs, tree branches or starbursts.

One of the possible causes of spider veins is the backing up of blood into the veins instead of flowing back to the heart. Other spider vein causes include aging, repeated sun exposure, obesity, heredity, pregnancy, extended periods of standing or sitting and an injury to the skin's surface.

There is no health risk associated with spider veins and you don't need medical treatment. Usually people who seek treatment for spider veins such as laser therapy and sclerotherapy are concerned because they feel embarrassed or for other personal reasons.

Natural Treatment for Spider Veins

Applying butcher's broom extract on your skin and at the same time taking the supplement may help remove spider veins. This is because butcher's broom helps improve blood circulation and tightens blood vessels.

Some studies indicate that horse chestnut extract which is obtained from the seed of the fruit may help treat chronic venous insufficiency which is one of the causes of varicose veins and spider veins. It helps fix leaks and tears in the veins and also strengthens the walls of the veins.

You can also try witch hazel ointment or tincture as a treatment for spider veins since it seems to help treat varicose veins as well. You do have to apply it several times a day if you expect it to remove or reduce the problem.

The constituents in gotu kola have the ability to allow blood to flow freely throughout the body. Take it as a supplement because it can help treat and prevent chronic venous insufficiency.
Dietary Supplements

Taking omega-3, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin K helps as an additional treatment for spider veins. Coenzyme Q10 improves blood circulation as well as tissue oxygenation. Omega-3 improves the elasticity of blood vessels. Vitamin K may help clot the blood that leaks from the veins.

Use Spider Vein Cream

Most spider vein creams contain vitamin K. This is based on the belief that blood backs up into the veins and causes the blood to pool which results in spider veins. Another theory is that a tear in the wall of the blood capillary will cause the blood to seep out and shows up as spider veins. What vitamin K does is that it clots the blood.

Treatment for Spider Veins with Compression Socks

If your job requires that you stand or sit for extended periods, wearing compression socks can help or prevent and treat spider veins because they improve blood circulation.

Habits to Develop and Avoid

Elevate your legs when you sleep by placing several pillows underneath them. Your feet need to be above the level of your heart.

Don't cross your legs when you sit because you will block the smooth flow of blood.

Do regular aerobic exercises such as brisk walking or jogging. Exercising strengthens your legs and improves blood circulation. If you are overweight, you should exercise everyday and include weight training along with your cardio program. Being overweight increases the risk of developing spider veins.

If for some reason you can't wear compression socks then stretch your legs as often as you can to increase blood circulation.

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