Did you know that dandelion can be used as a home remedy for water retention because it supports urine production and excretion. Wild carrot and parsley may also help.

Fluid retention, water retention or edema is a condition that describes swelling caused by the accumulation of excess fluids trapped in body tissues. Normally the fluid in the body will be drained out through the lymphatic system and waste products are removed.

causes of water retention.

Eating foods that are high in sodium or salt is one of the causes of edema. Sitting or standing in one position for too long may also cause body fluid retention. Other edema causes are pregnancy, certain medications and estrogen. Fluid retention may also indicate a serious medical condition such as a heart disorder, kidney disease, problems with the blood vessels and liver problems.

In general, the common symptom of fluid retention is swelling at a specific part of the body. It normally affects the ankles, arms, feet and legs. One of the signs of edema is when your skin retains a dimple after being pressed instead of springing back. Other symptoms may include a bloated feeling. Many women might experience this symptom prior to menstruation.

Below, you can try a home remedy for water retention as a treatment for edema. But if it doesn't help reduce water retention, if the swelling affects your whole body or if it persists too long, see a doctor to find out why your body is retaining the water.

Home Remedy for Water Retention Using Herbs

Here is a list of herbs that you might like to try as a home treatment for edema. These herbs act as natural diuretics as well as have other properties such as being carminative and anti-inflammatory. As diuretics, they stimulate and increase urine flow and thus help the body excrete water and salt. You can either make an infusion and drink the herbal tea or take the herbal extracts which are available in the form of capsules, liquid extract and tinctures.

Dandelion has the ability to support urine production and excretion. And besides removing excess water from your body by increasing the flow of urine, dandelion has many other health benefits. It is beneficial for digestive and liver health.

The seeds of wild carrot or daucus carota may also help reduce water retention. The additional benefits of taking wild carrot extract include preventing and treating kidney stones, eliminating gout causing uric acid and may help in the treatment for urinary bladder inflammation and inflammation of the prostate gland.

Unless you are pregnant, you can try parsley as a home remedy for water retention. Drinking parsley tea will also benefit if you have problems such as prostrate disorders and halitosis or bad breath.

Other herbs, fruits and vegetables that have been used as a natural home remedy for water retention are butcher's broom, celery, cornsilk, cranberry, juniper berry, lemon and uva ursi.

Reduce Salt Intake

Salt makes the body retain fluids. Reduce the intake of salt and you may also reduce water retention. Try to avoid processed and fast foods because they contain a high amount of sodium.

Drink Lots of Water

If you think that drinking more water will make your body retain it, you have been misinformed. If you aren't drinking enough, your brain will give instructions to the body to retain whatever it has. Once you start drinking about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, you will encourage your body to remove the excess.


Walking or other aerobic exercises help the leg muscles pump blood and fluids toward the heart and also strengthen the heart and leg muscles. So if your legs or hands are swollen, move instead of resting them. If that's not possible, then flex your joints by moving your arms or legs up and down.

Elevate Your Hands or Legs

Elevate the swollen leg (when lying down) or hand by raising them above the level of your heart and hold them there for as long as you can. When you do this, the force of gravity will help drain the fluids and draw out the swelling. When you sleep, prop up your arms or legs by placing a couple of pillows underneath them.

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