There is no doubt that fat burning is a difficult target to achieve especially when it is about getting rid of love handles but it is not impossible at all. You can use 2 killer exercises to get rid of love handles rapidly. If you really want to achieve a flawless body physique, you need to include the combination of these 2 exercises in your regular weight loss plan, which are equally useful for everyone even for the beginners. In this article, you are going to discover these 2 exercises.

Trunk Twists

Those who are looking for some really effective exercise for love handles, they must give a try to Trunk Twists which is simple but gives lots of unbelievable health benefits. As a useful love handle workout, you can perform this exercise in two different positions i.e. standing trunk twists and lying trunk twists positions.

1) Standing Trunk Twists Position

This is quite simple as you just have to stand on your feet with hands on the waist, keep the legs and hips muscles free of strain and let them be completely relaxed. Now twist your body from left to the right positions. In the beginning of these workouts, if you perform a set of thirty reps, that should be good enough, however, you can increase the number of reps gradually as many as you can easily manage.

2) Lying Trunk Twists Position

Trunk Twists can also be performed in lying position for which you have to lay down on your back with straight arms on your sides and straight legs. Now you are in a position to perform your trunk twists. Twist the hips slowly and gently until your legs touch the 90 degree angle in your left side. Once you reach the 90 degree, go back to your previous position and repeat the same exercise in your right side.

Twist Crunches

Another important part of your workouts to get rid of love handles is Twist Crunches which is a great exercise to get dreamy and impressive body physique. Twist Crunches is a little changed form of your regular crunches but it is even better than the regular crunches. Twist Crunches is performed by lying down on the floor with bending knees and putting hands behind the head. Now slowly lift your right elbow and left knee simultaneously and try to touch them with each other. This movement will squeeze lower abdominal area. Once you are done with it, do the same movement with your left elbow and right knee.

Final Words

The two above mentioned love handles exercises can become the best workout for love handles if you combine them with your regular fat burning program. When you begin these workouts, don’t try to do too much in the very beginning, but let your body be habitual of these changes and exercises and gradually increase the number of reps your perform everyday. Soon you will be experiencing the great results of these simple exercises.

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