Jogging is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercises which help in losing weight by burning calories, strengthening the body and keeping the body fit and fine. It comes free of cost unlike the exercise machines at the gym. Jogging is a lot of fun and effective in keeping the mind and body fresh. We have compiled few of the jogging tips and tricks. Read on to discover more about it.

Avoid damp or polluted air: Never jog in a damp or polluted air. This causes difficulty in breathing and is unhealthy. The best time to jog is early in the morning. The air is fresh and the mind is calmed in the serene atmosphere.

Jog on even surfaces: It is important to jog on even surfaces to get the best benefits out of the exercise. Jogging on slopes or uneven surfaces might cause injury and the benefits of the exercise will entirely go in vain.

Warm up your body well: Make sure to warm up your body before you go for jogging. Especially in winters, the body remains cold and takes much time to warm up. Stretches and other warming up exercises help to get the energy to get going.

Jog rhythmically: Do not pressurize your body all of a sudden. Walk faster and even faster and then start jogging. Starting to jog all of a sudden will not be beneficial at all. It will only make the body tired and weary.

Breathe through the nose: While jogging, many people tend to breathe through the mouth. This is a wrong technique. Make sure to breathe through the nose as it maintains the prefect balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, whereas, mouth will only give entry to harmful particles and germs.

Jog at the right speed: Do not jog too fast or too slow. Jog at a proper speed which your body can take. For entertainment, carry an Ipod along and jog to the rhythm of your favourite music. The right duration of jogging is 30-35 minutes.

These were some simple tips on jogging. Try these to make jogging more effective and enjoyable.

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