Cardio Vascular exercises are specially modified exercise which not only keep your heart healthy but also helps to build resistance against several vital diseases. Cardio Vascular exercise enables your body to warm up and get into your maximum strain level and then again cools down. This above change in the body temperature modulates your metabolism and automatically helps to keep your body fit.

Cardio vascular workouts mainly serve three aspects – burns a lot of calories, raises the metabolic rate of our body and decreases the chance of cardiac diseases. It also provides a psychological boost with an extra doze of energy and you feel mentally stronger than before. Cardio vascular exercises can be categorized under three heads. These exercises can be done by any person of any age and has no side effects at all. The 3 types of the heart exercises are:

Best Cardiovascular Exercises For Healthy Heart

General Step Aerobic exercises

These categories of workouts are only effective when your body has its impact on the ground and the exercises. When you begin your daily workout, you should start off with a few of that impact aerobic exercises. A few of the effective impact aerobics are fast walking, inclined hiking, jogging and stair climbing. These exercises are totally equipment free and are extremely useful as a cardiac wellness program.


They help combat heart disease and are very effective usually. The impact aerobic exercises not only benefit our heart but also help to bring about an increase in the bone density in our bones. On the other hand persons with ailing knees and joints may find it really difficult to perform these exercises. For the above category of people there is another category of low impact exercises.

Low Impact Cardio Vascular Exercises

Low impact cardio vascular exercises are the ones where your body gets the least of impacts. The major less impact cardio vascular exercises are biking, swimming, arm trainers etc. These exercises are especially recommended for those who have muscle or joint problems.


Low impact cardio vascular exercises are a great option to start your daily exercise program. It puts very less stress on the joints and muscles of any individuals, thereby reducing the chances of any sorts of injuries.

Optional Exercises

Now if both the impact and non impact exercises do not cater to your needs or you are facing difficulties in performing those. You can definitely go for the optional exercises. These exercises too offer cardiac betterment. One of the best examples for optional exercise is Yoga. You can get all the benefits of both the impact and non impact exercises by doing Yoga.


The yoga not only helps to keep our heart fit and healthy but also provides psychological enhancement to every doers. For more effective results you should consult a cardiac wellness trainee and do remember to continue your workout schedule on a daily basis. Cardio Vascular exercises thus provide a good system to keep you away from any kinds of heart disease and to keep it healthy and strong and live a disease free life.

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