For women, arms are one of the catchiest features. Flabby arms look very unsightly. Women live in the myth that arm exercises will end up building muscles like men. But it is not so. Arm exercises are not very easy and it usually takes a lot of effort to lose weight and tone the arms. Unlike men, women should not aim at building muscular arms. Instead, they should look forward to well-toned arms. Men, on the other side, should aim at building muscles, biceps and triceps. We tell you about some of the best arm toning exercises for men and women. Read on to know more.

Arm Exercises for Women:

Push-ups: Push ups are good exercises for the arms. Lie upside down with your stomach touching the floor. Make sure your knees touch the floor too. Now slowly raise your upper body keeping the back absolutely straight. Lower down and make your chest touch the floor again. Repeat this 15-20 times as a beginner.

Bicep curl: Take two light weight dumbbells in both hands and stand upright. Keep your hands by your side and your palms on the thighs. Raise the dumbbells so that they touch your shoulders and lower them so that they touch the thigh again. Repeat this at least 10-15 times.

Single arm pullover: This helps in building triceps. Lie down keeping your feet flat on the exercise mat. Hold the dumbbell in one hand and place another arm’s palm on the elbow of the hand you carry the dumbbell in. Raise the hand and bring it down slowly again. Repeat this 10 times.

Close grip barbell curl: Standing in upright position, hold on to the barbell. Grip the barbell and raise your chest up to the barbell. You must concentrate on deep breathing while doing this exercise.

These were some common exercises for women that can be practiced to tone and build muscles. Resort to these exercises to have well-toned arms which everyone else will envy. Hope our tips will help you build those perfect arms.

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