These days a great number of people including men and women are facing love handles problem which is actually the fat that is added on both sides of the waist. Many women do not even bother to know how to get rid of love handles women. Some prefer to use abdominal exercising machines along with a harsh dieting plan. Both of these ideas are really difficult to be followed especially for women and even if they follow, there are very little chances of success. In this article, you will find 3 great exercises to lose love handles women.

3 Love Handle Exercises for Women

These love handle exercises for women include 3 cardiovascular exercises and the basic purpose of these cardio exercises is to burn the maximum number of calories which can only be achieved with high intensity cardio. High Intensity is a must-to-use factor in case of love handle as these exercises will get you out of your comfort by raising your heart rate which will in the result transform your body into a machine to burn calories. These exercises keep working for losing love handles women even after your have done your workout.

1) Mountain Climbers

Many of you might not be very familiar with this kind of exercise but this is an amazing exercise that helps you toning the upper part of your body as well as reviving your heart rate up. Mountain climber is a high intensity advanced exercise which does not only improve heart rate but also helps you building your leg endurance. Those who have never done this incredible workout must spare some time to perform it. You can begin with low reps, however, if you don’t feel comfortable or feel pain while doing, immediately stop it.

Come into the position on your hands and toes like you do while doing pushup. Now bring your one knee near the chest area while your foot should be resting on the floor. Bring the knee back to its previous position and then do the same with other knee. Keep bringing your each foot towards the chest one by one. You can continue doing this for about 1 minute if you don’t feel any discomfort.

2) Jump Rope

Love handles workout for women also includes the simplest cardio exercise and that is jump rope. This is simple yet effective and gives its 100% every time it is performed. To perform such awesome exercise you just need to arrange a skipping rope which you can easily find even at your own home. If you don’t have one you can borrow or buy from somewhere. Slowly begin jumping over the rope but gradually increase the speed as this can give you maximum benefits if you go to its high and quick peak. Skipping rope can pump your heart rate which will surely help you losing weight. If you add some more resistance to your move by using a weighted rope, this will give you even better results.

3) Burpees

Burpee has been used for a long time because of its huge benefits and for getting rid of love handles for women. If burpee is performed in its correct form, it gives incredible resistance and thus considered a great cardiovascular workout. Burpee is basically a combination of 3 top exercises pushup, vertical leap and squat. When you begin with this, you need to stand straight on your feet and in the 2nd step put your hands on ground to squat down. Now jump both of your feet and lower down your chest. When done, jump again to bring your feet back to the hands and from this position jump up as high as you can like you do in squat jump.

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