A healthy nourished diet and daily exercise are the only best ways to lose weight for women. To reduce some pounds fast and become slim women need a diet with less fats, yoga and some aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, swimming and cycling. To keep weight loss program on track women also need lots of motivation

Diet and proper eating habits play an important role in women's life for losing the extra pounds from body. Follow these helpful eating habits to shed extra fats from body.

Eat foods with low fats. Following a diet does not mean you should limit the amounts of foods you eat everyday. Diet is especially made to put a stop on the junk and fatty foods you eat. In the morning start with drinking a glass of water and then have green tea, instead of normal tea or coffee. Green tea provides antioxidants to body and it contains properties that speed up the body metabolism for weight loss. Eat fish, green leafy vegetables, eggs, oats, berries, pomegranates, carrots and an apple a day to aid in fat loss program.

Never think to skip your first meal. Many women often skip breakfast which is a big reason for the extra weights in body. Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day followed by your lunch and then small dinners. Skipping meals slow the body metabolism leading to fat accumulation in body.

Divide meals and make them small. The reason for breaking your meals is that when you eat less there is no accumulation of fats in body. Now eating less makes you feel hungry, so take the next part of meal. This will also keep the body metabolism fast. So the amount of food you eat at one time, divide it into two or three meals and then have it after every hour.

Eat your dinner early. Eating dinner late at night and then going to sleep leads to storage of extra calories in body. Eat your dinner at seven and suppose at night you feel hungry so eat an apple or a vegetable sandwich.

Exercise like cycling, swimming, daily walking, jogging, sit ups, crunches, little weight lifting, dancing help in removal of fats from abdomen, thighs, arms and keep body toned. Find some exercise that you enjoy doing like dancing, cycling or swimming. Never exercise beyond your body limit, just 30 minutes of any aerobic exercise and 10 minutes of special exercise like crunches, and sit ups to remove fats from particular body areas.

Yoga poses for weight loss in women. Yoga is one of the popular forms of exercise that can help to lose weight for women. There are different poses that are performed to shed the extra fats from body. Yoga can also be used to treat stress and improve the flexibility.

Keep yourself motivated. Make a target for yourself, means how much weight you want to lose and follow it. Motivation is only thing required after a proper diet and exercise that can help women lose weight. Even after following a proper routine sometime a person looses hope. At this time she quits and her body weight is not reduced. To avoid this start your weight loss program with a partner. Partners can help in keeping body and mind motivated. You can also join an online weight loss training that can provide you with proper diet, exercise and motivation for losing fats.

Stress happy and keep stress at bay. When a person is in stress or depression there is an abnormal increase in a hormone called cortisol which leads to storage of fats in body. This increases the weight leading to body problems. So be happy and do activities that can help you stay away from stress. Shopping is the best time pass for women, go for shopping if you have nothing to do. Yoga, read some books, gardening, staying with people that keep you happy, playing some outdoor games are some best techniques to tackle stress.

Don't take any drug for losing weight. There are many drugs available in the market that claim to help women lose weight. All these types of medicines should be avoided. Suppose even if some the drugs may help women cut fat but think the adverse effect of such medication on body. Women suffering from obesity due to some hormone problems should first consult a doctor before taking any medicines. Exercises, healthy foods and a good weight loss program can only help you to burn the excess calories from body.

Maintain a diary of your workout and measurement. From day one take a diary and write your body measurements, your weight, exercise and the diet you have planned to eat. On top of every page write an inspirational quote to keep you motivated. After every week add your body measurement in the diary. After 8 weeks compare the first and the last week results.


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