Cholera is a bacterial infectionMother holds her child having cholera symptoms that affects your small intestine. Vibrio cholerae is the bacterium responsible for cholera infections.

Cholera epidemics are a result of contaminated food and water as well as human stool contaminated by the bacterium.

With early treatment, relief from many of its symptoms is possible. Follow easy to prepare remedies that can give quick relief.

Beneficial Home Remedies for Cholera
  • Grind black pepper, cardamom, tamarind and leaves of mint. Suck on the prepared paste slowly. Among good cholera natural remedies, it helps reduce cholera signs such as watery diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Regular intake of onion can help reduce cholera symptoms and also prevent cholera infection.
  • A natural remedy for cholera relief is drinking lemon juice. Consume freshly extracted lemon juice (or add a pinch of salt). This remedy will help eliminate causative bacteria and bring relief.
  • Bitter gourd is another among beneficial cholera home remedies. It helps in bringing substantial relief. Consume two tablespoons bitter gourd juice for a week, thrice daily.
  • Drinking sour butter milk for vomiting during diarrhea as it gives good relief. You can also consume plain buttermilk as it offers relief in ailments related to cholera.
  • Mix cucumber juice and coconut water (equal part). Cholera causes excessive thirst and this remedy will help relieve it and also rehydrate the body.
  • Prepare a concoction by boiling several cloves with half a glassful of water. Boil until fifty percent of the water has evaporated. Consume small quantity of this concoction throughout the day.
  • A decoction prepared by boiling guava tree root bark in water can be consumed two times a day. This is among effective natural cholera remedies that treats vomiting (and even nausea).
  • Rice water is one of the best natural treatments for cholera. Wash cooked rice in plain water thoroughly. Consume this water to see a decrease in diarrhea episodes.
  • One of the simplest cholera remedies is eating plain yogurt. This remedial measure aids in reducing cholera related complaints by strengthening your intestines.
You can also add a pinch of grounded rock salt with cumin seed powder. This will help reduce dehydration and is considered an effective remedy that aids in natural cholera treatment.

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