Swimming is a great exercise for building both muscles and brain power. Some of its benefits are lower risk of diabetes, healthy heart and fat burner. It is a great exercise for living healthy throughout life. One should swim for at least 15 minutes daily at a constant pace to stay healthy and strong always.

Swimming is a complete body workout.

Swimming engages many body parts and muscles. It increases the blood flow towards the body organs washing out the toxins away. While running you have to handle the pressure of air but while swimming you have to cut water which is much denser than air. It is also an excellent exercise for improving muscle tone and flexibility.

Swimming for weight loss

Swimming cuts down cholesterol and excess fats from body making you lean. It is a great exercise for burning calories from body. Since swimming involves also body muscles it helps to cut fats from entire body. It is an helpful exercise for burning calories from entire body.

Swimming increases brain power

Swimming increases the flow of blood to our brain. Blood contains oxygen and other nutrients which helps to make brain more active and healthy. Regular supply of these nutrients helps to improve the memory power of brain.

Builds immunity

Like other exercise swimming helps to strengthen our immune cells that helps to fight against diseases.

Skin benefits

Swimming is also helpful for getting glowing and beautiful skin. Stretching body while swimming improves the flexibility of skin. Sweating washes the skin pores filled with oils and dirt making it clean and glowing.

Reduce risk of diabetes and stress

Just 30 minutes of swimming helps to burn around 300 calories. This reduces the risk of diabetes for 25%. Its also a helpful way for diverting our mind from depression and helps to relieve stress from body.

Swimming for heart

Swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Like other exercises swimming also increases the heart rate of pumping proving to be a healthy heart exercise. Increased pumping means more pressure which helps in clearing the cholesterol from heart arteries and veins.

Some tips before going to swim.

Always give your body a warm up before you go to swim. This will prevent your muscles from cramps.

Wear goggles and cap to protect your eyes and hair. Chlorine water is responsible for premature hair greying and redness in eyes.

Do not try to over swim.


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