Hemorrhoids are commonlyHemorrhoids can be cured with home remedies which can be easily prepared known as piles. Normally, hemorrhoids help in controlling stool, but when they get infected they become swollen and inflamed and turn into piles. Symptoms of hemorrhoids may present themselves in the form of itching, rectal pain and bleeding.

Natural Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Use these remedies to get substantial relief when hemorrhoids lead to pain and swelling. These remedial measures are easy to follow, economical and safe to use.
  • Avoid scratching hemorrhoids that itch as scratching can make them prone to infections.
  • An effective hemorrhoids home remedy includes applying aloe plant directly to the affected area.
  • Coffee, spicy foods and beverages may contribute to anal itching, so it is best to minimize such items or avoid them altogether.
  • You should avoid rubbing toilet paper for cleaning up after passing tools as it can irritate the skin and aggravate symptoms.
  • Make homemade enemas with peeled garlic clove or use potato piece suppositories as part of natural treatment for hemorrhoids to ease inflammation.
  • Make use of capsicum or garlic enemas to maintain healthy bowel movement and keep it clean. This natural remedy for hemorrhoids will help in relieving the associated pain.
  • People who are overweight exert more pressure on their lower extremities and as such more problems with hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoids causes pain, apply vitamin E oil directly on anal area as this can bring good amount of relief.
  • Another easy remedy is to sprinkle some cornstarch or baby talcum powder to keep affected area dry by absorbing the moisture.
  • Apply aloe vera gel directly on the anus, as it relieves pain and lessens the burning sensation.
  • Use goldenseal root or white oak in form of an ointment to relieve hemorrhoid associated pain. This is a useful hemorrhoids natural treatment.
  • If there is substantial inflammation and pain due to hemorrhoids, applying ice pack to affected part for five minutes at regular intervals can bring relief in symptoms.
  • Take a sitz bath to get therapeutic warm effect in the anal region. This is one of the best home remedies for hemorrhoids.
  • Additionally, diet for hemorrhoids should contain easy to digest foods. To avoid complications from hemorrhoids, maintain a diet with fiber content. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink ample water throughout the day.

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  1. I noticed some blood in my stools at first I just ignored it knowing the fact that it's not a big deal to worry about, later on I feel discomfort and pain every time I exert dirt. I immediately consult my private doctor we do some laboratory exams as a result, I am suffering from external hemorrhoids. I end up searching for the best hemorrhoid treatment.

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