High blood pressure is very risky for the health and results in cardiac problems. An individual should make sure to keep a check on the blood pressure level, so that optimum cardiac health is maintained. With the help of eating right foods, modifying your lifestyle, and getting rid of excessive body weight, blood pressure level can be kept under control.

The diet should consist of healthy foods with low sodium content. Unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, should be avoided. Exercises should be included in regular life to get rid of extra flab from the body. All these measures would not only help in reducing blood pressure, but would also aid in maintaining optimum overall health.

Apart from these natural remedies to lower blood pressure, there are certain herbal remedies which help in decreasing the blood pressure. There are quite a few herbs which help in bringing down the blood pressure in a natural and safe way. Let us discuss about these herbs in the following section.

Herbs To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

A few popular herbs which would help in reducing blood pressure have been discussed as under


Garlic is one of the best known herbs for reducing blood pressure. The selenium content present in garlic helps in lowering down the blood pressure in a natural way.

Cancer Fighting Foods

It is best to consume garlic in natural form to attain maximum benefits. However, people who are not able to tolerate the odor of this herbal product can consume the product in supplement form.

Olive Leaf Extract

The extract obtained from olive leaves is considered to be quite effective with regard to reducing blood pressure. The antimicrobial properties contained in olive leaf help in lowering the blood pressure successfully. Blood vessels are dilated and relaxed with the help of use of this herb, subsequently decreasing blood pressure.


Hawthorn is considered to be an effective herbal remedy for reducing blood pressure. This herb helps in protecting a human being from chest tightness and heart diseases.

Blood circulation is also improved with the help of ingestion of this herb. People suffering from insomnia would also find great level of relief with the help of consumption of hawthorn herb. However, people suffering from ulcer and colitis should avoid the use of this herb.


This herb is found in Nepal, Burma, India, and Europe, and is believed to deal with several health related disorders like depression, asthma, and respiratory allergens. The blood vessels are also relaxed with the help of ingestion of this herb, subsequently helping to improve blood circulation.

Blood pressure of an individual gets reduced due to ingestion of coleus herb. Best results, with regard to decreasing blood pressure, would be obtained if coleus herb is taken in combination with goldenrod herb.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh has been traditionally used for supporting the reproductive system of women. However, lately it has been observed that the herb works effectively towards lowering blood pressure. The results of this herb with respect to reducing blood pressure are really very quick.

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