Psoriasis is a type of common skin disease which gives rise to a condition which causes redness of the skin and irritation. Mostly people with this disease called psoriasis have a quite thick and red skin along with silver-white patches which are called scales.

This a very common skin disease which may occur at any age but usually occurs in-between ages 15 and 35.doctors say that these are often genetic in nature and is passed down through families and is often caused when the immune system  mistakes the healthy body cells as dangerous cells. This is found mostly in people with a weak immune system.

Some Effective Herbal Ways to Combat Psoriasis
  • For the sure of psoriasis many ointments oils and several other pills and lotions are used. At times the patients are treated by photo therapy also. But apart from these there are many other natural remedies which are an effective cure for this disease.
  • Application of vinegar mixed in water on the affected area provides a good care for this disease. Depending on the type of psoriasis application of olive oil on the affected area is an effective and good remedy. An oil massage before bath helps to cure the skin area affected
  • Bitter gourd has a magical effect on psoriasis. A cup bitter gourd mixed with lime juice if taken regularly helps to cure the disease.
  • Oil extracted freshly from cashew if applied on affected area of the skin provides a natural cure for psoriasis.
  • Avocado oil is also very effective for the cure of psoriasis. It should be applied on the skin area affected by the disease. Regular use reduces the effect of the disease.
  • Curds in the form of what is known as buttermilk can the applied on the affected area. If this buttermilk is poured regularly on the affected skin area then it does wonders on the skin. To make it more helpful some herbs may also be added along with butter milk.
  • As the disease of   psoriasis is often considered to be sort of a metabolic disease, cucumbers, the carrots, beets and grapes if consumed as a  part of the regular diet it helps  in cleaning the body from  toxins and makes the body metabolism better. As a result it acts as a good natural cure for psoriasis.
  • Nuts, Seeds, grains, fruits, and various vegetables especially sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and various other raw vegetables which are organically grown if included in regular diet for people suffering from this disease then it is one of the best ways of natural cure for psoriasis.
  • As animal fats act as a triggering factor in the case of this disease consumption of animal fats such as egg, butter milk and processed milk must be avoided. Foods which are high on white sugar fats and beverages containing caffeine such as tea and coffee must be avoided.
  • A vitamin e therapy works wonders on this disease. Recent researches have proved the fact that a vitamin e therapy of regular dose of 200-800 IU is good for the cure of psoriasis.
These are the few effective natural remedies for the cure of psoriasis disease.

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