Extracted from neem seeds & fruit, neem oil is classified as a vegetable oil. The oil is generally yellow or Neem Extract includes Oil of Neemreddish yellow in color, is strong in odor and has a bitter taste.

Neem extract contains powerful compounds & steroids such as azadirachtin)that make it useful as a medicine, cosmetic and as pesticide.

Get Full Benefits of Neem Oil

Neem oil contains naturally occurring organic chemicals that endow it with powerful antiviral & antibacterial properties. Such neem oil benefits has resulted in its wide use in manufacturing of medicinal, cosmetic as well as agricultural products.
  • The potent active compounds contained in oil of neem extract are used in traditional medicine preparations and also in modern medicine manufacture.
  • Usage of neem oil for skin conditions including eczema, acne, skin ulcers & psoriasis has shown good results & proven beneficial for people suffering from many types of skin diseases.
  • Application of neem oil for hair includes its combination together with carrier oil. This results in a useful preparation that can help in treatment of hair related problems such as dandruff or itching of the scalp.
  • Antiseptic properties give neem oil benefits when used for dental care. This can be achieved through products such as toothpaste, rinses & mouth washes which results in healthy teeth & gums.
  • Moreover, oil of neem can also be utilized to strengthen your body’s resistance to disease (achieved by the oil’s immune system boosting actions).
  • Many skin care products including cosmetics use neem essential oil. Neem oil is extremely popular in its use in almost all products of aromatherapy that helps restore mental health.
  • The oil’s astringent properties have promoted neem oil for skin repair purpose such as healing minor wounds & cuts. It is also good for treating gashes & bruises.
  • Neem extract is made use of in preparing medicines that are useful in treating diabetes, gastric & digestive problems as well as blood disorders.
  • Products of neem oil are used in fungicides & pesticides too. One such use is neem oil for lice.  Using neem oil for hair can inhibit growth of lice.
  • Neem oil uses include its use in medicines that can inhibit free radicals from growing and thus help in preventing certain types of cancer.
  • Oil of neem is also found in household products such as disinfectants, soaps, mosquito repellant & skin care products.
Grow your knowledge about what is neem oil & fully reap from its many uses and health benefits.


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