Head massage with essential herbal oils is very simple and old therapy. Thousand of years head massage is the part of everyday’s  life for grooming personality.”it is an exercise reducing stresses improves circulation of blood providing physical strength by normal man’s efforts .”Head massage helps to control emotional and mental stress and gives surprisingly deeply clam and relax. It is also enhancing the senses and promote the clear thinking.  It works on the scalp , soft-tissues and ligaments. It is also invigorate blood circulation and help to remove toxins. Head massage can remove the headache and treat some scalp and hair ailments. Such as hair fall  , dandruff and premature graying. It’s also helped to remove lactic acid.

What is head massage therapy

Head massage therapy is manageable without equipment. It is very self-explanatory  process. We apply some basic tips for getting quick relax.

Take any essential oil for head massage according to season and apply it on the scalp, with your fingers. Apply oil on all areas of the scalp and rub it slowly with your finger .Don’t forcefully rub the oil. After rubbing slowly , it generates a little bit of warmness in your scalp. Feel the warm , close your eyes , feels relaxed with deep calm. And continue rubbing your head. You also do massage on neck and shoulders when you do head  massage. It is encouraging positive thinking.use finger tips for rubbing on the scalp once again when you finish your head massage and feel the vibration which is generated by the fingertips. Every day you try to give massage on your scalp to get better sleep.

What are herbal oils

Herbal oils are divided between two parts  Essential oil  and carrier oil. Essential oils are good for massage and very lightweight including with high capabilities for scalp stimulation. It is entered in the body within 15 minutes and stay in the streams of blood for 1 day. The hair follicles and the breath are the elements in helping to enter the oil into the body. Herbal oils  made by nature mountain herbs, flower and plants it is simple, safe, effective and 100% pure. It is nourishing the scalp and stress reliever.

We have a lot of essential oils which have individual qualities. According to the season we can change the oil for beneficial head massage. Here are some essential herbal oils.

Coconut oil: -  it has nature elements , contains vitamin, linoleic, linotenic   and arachidonic fatty acids. It is light and full of aroma, wonderful for all season .It is cooling power help to prevent hair loss in summer.

Jasmine Oil: – it is mostly used in summer season because the flowers are white and calm. Their oil helps to prevent sunstroke and fever. Jasmine oil makes the mind receptive and help to increase the feeling of love. It has high perfume which is provided aroma to the hair.

Olive oil: – it is not a light oil. It has more oily element then others. It is used for very dry hair and scalp. This oil helps to relieve stiffness and pain.

Sesame oil: -it is very beneficial oil for head massage .It contains phosphorous and iron, for hair growth.

Almond oil : – it is a light oil used in head massage and gives cooling and vitamin E. It can improve dry and damage hair. It is also buster of stress.

Rosemary oil: – it is beneficial for dry and flaky scalps. It is helping to nourish and removes dandruff. It helps to stimulate follicles as a result, hair is growing long and strong. This oil prevents the hair graying and premature aliments. It is a very excellent tonic for bald persons.

Thyme essential oil: – it is enhancing the hair growth and prevent the scalp healthy .It is an antiseptic oil and boost the immune system.

Lavender oil; -it has a lot of nature qualities like nirvana, expectorant, cicatrizant, antiseptic, antidepressant, and vulnerary. This oil removes the itching dandruff and headache from the scalp.

Peppermint oil; – this is popular in head massage therapy. It gives cool effects and clam  perplexity. This oil rudimentary potent and works against parasite repellant and head lice and nits. It has inflammatory elements makes it applicable remedy.

Arnica oil: -one of the best essential oil for clogging hair loss. It is used for “ Alopecia neurotic”and care hair related aliments. It has antioxidant  factors that enrich the scalp and care the damage hair which is damaged by environmental pollution.

Basil Oil: -basil essential oil is used for promoting hair growth, nourishing the roots of hair and helps to remove dead skin on the scalp .Basil is a combination of “fenugreek and in burdock herbs”. It  is great  head massage oil for giving relax in headaches and insomnia.

Tea tree oil: – it is a very strong purifier for the scalp. Tea tree oil treats the head’s psoriasis and dandruff. It is a natural  solution for removing head lice.

Benefits of  head massage
  • Enhancing energy levels
  • Help to growth of hair
  • Reduce pain of head , neck , and shoulder
  • Activates the hair follicles
  • Clean the head’s toxins
  • Increase the blood circulation to all the vital parts of the body.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Moisturizes the scalp skin and hair
  • Eliminating aches and pains
Tips for head massage
  • Coconut oil is applicable for pitta types of hair. It is best for the hair growth. It is helping to reduce the graying and the thinning hair problem. For nourishing the hair you can use this oil in summer season.
  • Sesame oil , basil oil and almond oil help to reduce the tightness and stiffness of the scalp.
  • Maintaining hair color and vitality use hibiscus oil.
  • Brahmi is used for vata hair ,it promotes thickness of hair and calm the nervous system as well as the mind.
  • Amala  is  expedient for all kinds of hair. It is prevented flakes and dry scalp.
  • Apply few drops of warm coconut oil in winter  for nourishing damage hair 
  • After during the head massage it you want to better results covered head with a hot towel .
  • Mix the 50ml rosemary oil with 30 ml tea tree oil to treat the scalp and hair aliments.


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