For all those women who aspire to conceive in near future, a healthy diet and a fit lifestyle is extremely necessary, as this might have a great impact on the health of your baby.

For both women and men who wish to become parents and want their child to be healthy, a few things to be followed are having a balanced diet, regular exercise that is just necessary for a healthy body and mind, and avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking, consuming alcohol and eating too much junk foods like those made in untreated oil or refined sugar and containing too many preservatives and chemicals.

Foods that assist in increasing fertility in women
There are a few things about your diet which you must know and follow in order to increase your fertility and if you wish to conceive a healthy and a happy baby.

Plant Proteins :
Proteins that come from plant sources like beans, different types of dals, peas, and peanuts have always been helpful in increasing a woman’s fertility, in contrast to protein from meat and poultry. Beans are also Rich in iron, which is another helpful builder of fertility.

Whole grains : 
Complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads, brown rice, cornmeal, and oatmeal do not make changes to blood sugar and insulin as majorly as refined carbohydrates which include white bread, white rice, bleached flour, and so on. It is also suggested that anything that is advantageous for insulin is also great for fertility in a woman.

Fruits and vegetables : 
The most important and natural food source essential to increase fertility and health of a person are the fresh fruits and vegetables. First of all, they are loaded with antioxidants, which increase general as well as reproductive health. Many fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits, strawberries, melons and green leafy vegetables are rich in folic acid, which is an essential nutrient, extremely necessary before pregnancy to prevent birth complications and illnesses.

Healthy Fats like  Mono unsaturated, Poly unsaturated and Omega3 : 
Unsaturated fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and omega-3 fatty acids are really helpful in stimulating fertility of a woman, and these have to be carefully distinguished from trans fat and other forms of saturated fats, which have to be avoided at all costs as they can be very harmful for your fertility. These fats help in declining inflammation and increasing insulin sensitivity. Food sources like avocados, nuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds, sardines, and salmon are very rich in these forms of fats and must be consumed in defined quantities by all aspiring mothers.

Full-Fat Dairy Products : 
It might be astonishing to know whole milk, full-fat yogurt and even ice cream as fertility enhancing foods, but it is suggested by many experts and doctors that women who consume these foods, in contrast to low-fat or no-fat dairy product have lesser complications with ovulation and pregnancy, as dairy contains high content of proteins and calcium, which is a a great fertility nutrient, and has a good affect on the health of a child, since the mother stays healthy, consuming these full fat dairy products.

It is also suggested to women to avoid having unpasturized foods, as they may come with a risk of contamination. Also they should avoid foods with high content of vitamin A like cod liver oil and other habits of smoking and consuming alcohol and caffeine must strictly be avoided to prevent miscarriages and lower fertility among women.


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