Due to pollution and unhealthy eating habits and lot of other changes in lifestyle, problems like hair fall are caused. Some natural and home remedies can help you to cope with hair fall problem. Read on to find more about how to cope with hair fall using herbal remedies.

Hair fall is one of the commonest problems that men and women are facing today. Hair has its importance and is the first aspect noticed by people in society. This is the reason why people feel depressed and their self-esteem turns low when they start experiencing hair loss. They fear from getting unattractive and most often try all the artificial fake promising products available in the market. 

There is no need to panic or stay alarmed or depressed. There are herbal remedies that really work and helps stop hair fall. You simply need to have the right knowledge about all these. You also need to find the right herb and then know exactly how to use it. Herbal remedies actually increase circulation, stimulates hair growth and disinfects the scalp also.

Herbs Helpful in Stopping Hair fall 
  • Hair rinsed with apple cider vinegar and sage tea everyday helps reduce hair fall and shows gradual growth. 
Licorice extract helps stop hair fall 
  • People who have used aloe Vera experienced that it helped make their hair healthy and thicker. You should message your hair and scalp with some aloe Vera gel every night and then wash them in the morning when you take bath. This is said to help in even male pattern baldness. 
  • Tea made by leaves of raspberry and rosemary helps prevent hair fall. Rinse your hair daily with this tea for better results. 
  • Boil mallow roots in wine and massage the scalp weekly. 
  • Powdered parsley seeds can be applied to the scalp and are left to remain overnight. The hair is brushed in the morning and this can be repeated once a month. 
  • Drinking green tea also helps stop hair fall to a great extent. The antioxidants found in green tea actually help strengthen hair and makes them healthy, thus reducing risk of hair fall. 
  • Chinese herbals are also of great help and reduce hair fall stimulating proper hair growth. 
  • Applying fresh red pepper is also said to be very useful in reducing hair fall.                                                                                                 
  • Normally hair fall is due to lack or proper hair care or lack of nutrition also. Other causes can be use of chemicals and styling gels that have indirect effect on the health of your hair. Most often, a slight change in habits and hair care products can create positive results. 
  • Premature hair loss can be stopped and cured by taking recommended multi-vitamin daily and switching to organic and nutritious diet. If you increase the intake of Vitamin B in your diet it will help in reversing the hair loss as well. However, it is good to consult a nutritionist or a medical practitioner before you make any strong change in your diet plan. 
  • Just keep in mind that if you switch to natural way of stopping hair fall, you will find changes slowly and gradually. These changes will be permanent but you will not see any overnight changes. You have to be prepared to give some time and put in your effort and have patience when you are relying on herbal remedies to stop hair fall. You can also contact a medical practitioner or any herbal expert regarding this so that you are advised the most appropriate herb that will suit you and will work positively on your hair.


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