Cough is a very common ailment where in the throat is infected. By coughing a person removes the unwanted substance or mucus from the throat or lungs. Coughs are of two types: 1. dry cough and 2. Cough which produces mucus. It is a minor ailment but if it not taken care off it may become a major illness.

Why does it happen?
  1. If one is allergic to smoke, chemical fumes, dust or pollen grains.
  2. Asthma
  3. Weather changes
  4. Smoking
  5. Common cold
  6. Sinusitis

Home remedies to cure cough
  1. One effective remedy is to mix cumin seeds with black pepper seeds and add salt in it. Chew this slowly it will relieve you from cough.
  2. Boil some mint leaves and eucalyptus leaves in water and take a steam of the vapors. It will be helpful.
  3. A very useful cough remedy is to mix onion juice and honey. Have this at least twice a day for best results.
  4. Drink tea made up of basil (tulsi) and aniseed (saunf) to cure cough. 
  5. Grape do wonders to soothe your lungs. If you are prone to cough have grapes for some days as they act as expectorant.
  6. Easiest cure for winter cough is to include ginger in your meals. Eating ginger with food will be helpful and will give you relief from cough.
  7. Mix grape juice and some honey to the cure cough.
  8. A quick remedy to relieve cough is to suck half a lemon with a pinch of salt and pepper on it, suck the lemon to lessen the amount of cough.
  9. Have one teaspoon of honey and add a pinch of white pepper in it. Having this paste regularly for few days and at least twice a day will be helpful.
  10. For curing dry cough gargle with warm spinach juice.
  11. Regularly gargling with warm water in the morning will be very effective. Add some salt to the water to make it more effective.
  12. Almonds help in curing cough. Just soak few almonds overnight in water and in the morning peel the skin off. Now crush the almonds to make a smooth paste. Add sugar and butter in equal quantity (appxo 20 grams). Eat this paste twice a day for relieving cough.
  13. For quick relief crush one onion and add one lemon juice and honey in one cup of boiling water. Drink this 2-3 times in a day.
  14. Roast and grind one turmeric root to powder. Daily consume this powder (appxo 2-3 grams). This will be helpful.
  15. Chewing about four or five basil (tulsi) leaves and little black pepper will be good for cough.
  16. Boil milk and add ginger and turmeric powder (haldi) in it. Keep boiling the milk till its quantity is reduced to half. Drink this milk before going to bed. This is a very useful and effective remedy to heal cough.
  17. Crush about 100 grams of raisins in water and add sugar to this. In a pan heat/melt this paste, slowly the paste will turn into liquid and will look like a sauce. This sauce is very good for dry cough, have it before retiring to bed daily.
  18. One more effective home remedy for dry cough is by mixing 5-6 teaspoon coconut milk, khas-khas about ½ a teaspoon and 1 teaspoon of honey. Have this before sleeping.
  19. During winters have water in the morning two hour’s prior passing stools and about an hour after eating. This will prevent you from cough in winters.


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