When you just want to go away with all those lines forming on your skin, you might as well understand first, on why it appears and when are the circumstances that it usually appears. When the skin is stretched, the dermis will now slowly tare apart beneath, resulting to the stretch marks' appearance. In this manner, we can consider pregnancy as the top most reason why most women have these unwanted, permanent marks.

Starting out as pink or purple marks that finally turn a silvery white, stretch marks create an uneven and slightly bumpy skin texture. They usually form in a zigzag pattern or in parallel lines like waves. While having stretch marks is not an ailment, the uneven texture that these marks impart to the skin leaves many women asking the question how to get rid of stretch marks.

The Real Deal In Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks

Will you be surprised if I tell you that you cannot really get rid of those stretch marks once it is already there? Yes, truly it is. Since the dermis' elasticity had slough off, it is near impossible to go away with it and get back the elasticity that it had once before. The most that you can actually do is apply those creams in the market so as to lighten the marks, making it seem like it is gone but it is still actually there. There may be formulas that were formulated to claim that they can get rid of your stretch marks but they are just fraud. They are just using this matter to get their products rolling in the markets, and buying these products will perhaps make your skin look and feel good.

Considering it to be a serious matter, there are some others who are very enthusiastic on this issue and they go straight ahead to their dermatologist and find any way that it can be permanently removed. While normally these dermatologists will also recommend topical creams, it had still proved not to be effective. So, for the most effective ones, you can undergo the microdermabrasion procedure, which is an accepted procedure for stretch marks, and may also choose laser skin remodeling. For some, they would not opt for this because it actually costs much and they don't find it to be practical already, but for others who have extra cash, they will be more than willing to have this as an intervention.

Through the years that you have your stretch marks on your skin, you might notice that it gets lighter and lighter through time. You can actually try not to make it visible to other people if that is what you are most concerned about. You can dress up in a manner that no one can see it except you or your husband. Through this, you will surely be confident enough with your skin, both inside and out. While there is still no known simple intervention for it, do it the practical way instead.


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